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Graduate Students

PhD Students
Nadav Sorek
PhD Student

“Field Development Plan Optimization”

•M.Eng. Energy, Oil & Gas Engineering  ’13

•B.S. Environmental Engineering     ’11

Alexander Tarakanov
PhD Student


“Application of Lattice-Boltzmann Method for reservoir simulations”

•M.S. Petroleum Engineering ’13

•B.S. Physics ’11


Jae Wook Lee
PhD Student

“Localized Model Reduction Applied to Newton Iteration”

•M.S. Petroleum Engineering

•B.S. Civil, Urban, and Geosystem Engineering  

Rafael Wanderley de Holanda
PhD Student

“Capacitance Resistance Model in a Control Systems Framework”

•M.S. Petroleum Engineering ’15

•B.S.  Chemical Engineering   ’13


Hardik Zalavadia
PhD Student


“Parametric Model Order Reduction for Closed Loop Field Development”

•M.S. Petroleum Engineering ’15

•B.S.  Petroleum Engineering ’14


Anqi Bao
PhD Student

“Novel Sparse DMD Model Reduction in Reservoir Simulation”

•M.S. Petroleum Engineering       ’15

•B.S. Petroleum Engineering        ’13

Enrique Zarate Losoya
PhD Student

“Drilling Control Systems and Automation”

•M.S. Petroleum Engineering       ’16

•B.S. Mechatronics Engineering ’14

Masters Students
Brian Redick
Master Student

“Reservoir and Surface Production System Coupling”

•M.S. Petroleum Engineering       ’17

•B.S. Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering ’15

Trevor Haechten
Master Student

“Coupled Surface-Subsurface Simulation”

•M.Eng. Petroleum Engineering ’16

•B.S. Biological & Agricultural Engineering ’14

Pattanapong Plukmonton
Master Student

“Ensemble-based Reservoir Production Optimization”

•M.S. Petroleum Engineering     ’16

•B.S. Chemical Engineering        ’13

Tangmo Suranetinai
Master Student

Integrated Field Optimization”

•B.S. Biological & Agricultural Engineering ’11

Alex Lichtig
Master Student

“Surrogate Modeling in Reservoir Simulation”

•M.S. Petroleum Engineering     ’17

•B.S. Electrical Engineering        

Former Students
  1. Ashraf Ibrahim – Model Reduction in Reservoir Simulation using Bilinear Transformations. Spring-Fall 13. (1 year). Currently a MS student in Computer Science – TAMU
  2. Alexander Lozovskiy, – Multiscale Model Reduction – Started November 2013. (3 years). Co-advising with Dr. Yalchin Efendiev (Math). Funded by Army (ARO) Research grant.
  3. Walid Kheriji, KAUST/TAMU-QATAR, Nearwell local space and time refinement and model reduction porous media flows, – Started August 2014. (3 years). Co-advising with Dr. Yalchin Efendiev (Math). Funded by QNRF Research grant.
  4. Xiaosi Tan- Started July 2015 (2 years). Development of the TDEIM in Reservoir Simulation. Funded by ExxonMobil Research Grant.


  1. Xiaodan Ma, PhD Program – “Integrated Hydraulic Fracture Placement and Design Optimization in Unconventional Gas Reservoirs”– Graduated December 2013.
  1. Sandeep Kaul, PhD Program – “Simulation Study of Volatile Oil Reservoir: Understanding The Reservoir Drive Mechanisms in Conventional and Liquids-Rich Unconventional Reservoirs and its Effect on Long Term Deliverability”. Graduated August 2013.
  2. Gorgonio Fuentes, PhD Program – “Hydraulic Fracture Modeling in Unconventional Reservoirs”. Expected graduation: Fall 2014. Co-Chaired with Dr. Peter Valko. Graduated December 2014.
  3. Tatyana Plaksina, PhD Program – “Automated Optimization Strategies for Horizontal Wellbore and Hydraulic Fracture Stages Placement in Unconventional Gas Reservoirs”. Graduated May 2015.
  4. Sardar Afra, PhD Program. “Heterogeneous Reservoir Characterization Utilizing Efficient Geology Preserving Reservoir Parameterization Through High Order Singular Value Decomposition (HOSVD)”. Co-Chair with Dr. Shankar Battacharyya (ECE Department). . Graduated December 2014.
  5. Mohammadali Tarrahi, PhD Program – “Geomechanical Reservoir Model Calibration and Uncertainty Assessment From Microseismic Data”, Co-Chair with Dr. Jafarpour (USC and Former PETE-TAMU). Graduated May 2015.
  6. Mohammadreza (Reza) Ghasemi, PhD Program – “Application of Model Order Reduction to Porous Media Flow Optimization”. Graduated May 2015.
  7. Anastasiya (Romanovskaya) Protasov, PhD Program in Math – Local-Global Model Reduction Techniques using Balanced Truncation. Chair: Dr. Yalchin Efendiev (Math Department). Co-Chair: Gildin. Graduated May 2016.

Co-Chaired with MATH

  1. Manal Alotibi, PhD Program in Math – Multiscale Model Order Reduction in Porous Media Flow Simulation. Co-Advising with Dr. Yalchin Efendiev (Math Department). Expected graduation: Spring 2017. Passed Qualifying Exam
  2. Chak Shing Lee , PhD Program in Math – Multiscale Generalized Finite Element in Porous Media Flow. Co-Advising with Dr. Yalchin Efendiev (Math Department). Passed Qualifying Exam and Prelim in Math


  1. Thomas Jai Lopez, MSc Program – “Model Predictive Control in Closed Loop Reservoir Management”. Graduated Dec. 2011
  2. Thorn Lerlertpakdee, MSc Program – “Model Reduction and Optimization Using Network Models”. Co-Advising with Behnam Jafarpour (PETE Department). Expected graduation, Graduated Summer 2012.
  3. Obiajulu Nwosa, MSc Program – “Extending the Petrel Model Builder For Educational and Research Purposes”. Graduated Spring 13.
  4. Mark Fondren, MSc Program – “Applying Calibration to Improve Uncertainty Assessment” – Co-Chair (Chair Dr. Duane McVay). (PETE Department) Graduated Spring 2013
  5. Sergio Gonzalez, MSc Program – “Application of the Ensemble Kalman Filter to Estimate Fracture Parameters in Unconventional Horizontal Wells By Downhole Temperature Measurements”. Graduated Summer 2013.
  6. Sevaphol Iemcholvilert, MSc Program, “A Research on Production Optimization of Coupled Surface and Subsurface Models”, Graduated Summer 2013.
  7. Jose Moreno, MSc Program, “Implementation of the Ensemble Kalman Filter in The Characterization of Hydraulic Fractures in Shale Gas Reservoirs by Integrating Downhole Temperature Sensing Technology”. Graduated Summer 2014.
  8. Xi Wu, MSc Program, “Integrated 3D Acid Fracturing Model For Carbonate Reservoir Stimulation”. Co-Advising with Dr. Zhu – Graduated Summer 2014.
  9. Chanapol Bhuripanyo, MSc Program – “Quantifying the Benefit of Ensemble Selection for Optimization Under Uncertainty”. Co- Chair with Dr. Duane McVay (Chair). (PETE Department) Graduated Summer 2014.
  10. Mengdi Gao, MSc Program – “Integrated Surface/Subsurface Couplings in Reservoir Simulation and Optimization” – (PETE Department) Graduated Fall 2014.
  11. Rafael Holanda, MSc Program – “Capacitance Resistance Model in a Control System Framework: A Tool for Describing and Controlling Waterflooding Reservoirs. (PETE Department) Graduated: Spring 2015.
  12. Narendra Vishnumolakala, MSc Program, “Automatic Control and Optimization of Drilling Operations”. (PETE Department). Chair: Gildin; Co-Cahir: Sam Noynaert.   Graduated: Fall 2015.
  13. Musaga Fombad, MSc Program, “A Technology Perspective and Optimization Workflow to Intelligent Well Applications”. (PETE Department). Graduated: Spring 2016.